Travertine Furniture

Lorenzo Raco

Travertine Furniture

16th Sep 2022

Travertine Pool

Once you have designed your interior and your home is beginning to look cozier - more and more comfortable, it is only natural to start contemplating on the furniture at home. Today, designers, architects, and homeowners have shifted their focus towards incorporating and combining more natural materials in their homes. Here, we will discuss something bold yet natural, comfortable, and gorgeous - travertine furniture for your indoor and outdoor areas. Travertine is a beautiful natural stone utilized for flooring, wall-cladding, water features, bathroom slabs, but also interior or exterior furniture.

The overall creative work of constructing and designing a home requires having each element well-thought-out and fitting the rest of the interior solutions. That is how designers obtain a more luxurious and unique interior or exterior look, with furniture, walls, and construction effortlessly flowing together. With travertine in your home, you won't have just pleasantry for the eyes or functionality - you will create a unique atmosphere of coziness in your home. Using travertine in furniture makes it more luxurious, full of character, and unique.

Travertine Тables

Do you want your home to look modern or contemporary and reminiscent of history and culture too? Maybe you want it to be in complete sync with the rest of the natural interior solutions you can safely bet on travertine furniture.

The renovation of a space at home includes a complete remodeling, which requires a change of the furniture most of the time. Why not go for something unique and rare - travertine furniture in your living room and dining area?

Travertine Dining Table

Regardless, if you want a more modern or classic look in your home, you can safely bet on travertine furniture in your dining room. If you have a wooden or stone floor, you can make your dining room atmosphere even more chic and gorgeous with a travertine-topped dining table. You can find different pieces and see which one suits your room best. Travertine comes in various shades and colors, so there is a wide selection of table tops to choose from.

You can also rest assured that you will have a unique piece because no two travertine slabs are the same, and the same goes for furniture made of this exquisite material with such unique character.

Travertine Coffee Table

You can place a small, minimalist coffee table with a beige travertine top to complement your minimalist interior in your living room. Such a unique interior solution will save space and be practical, relatively small and become the centerpiece of the room because it will be the first thing everyone will notice when they enter the room.

If you have a more contemporary home interior, then you would love a Japanese inspired minimalist coffee table made of real travertine. Imagine a beautiful, small coffee table made of gentle beige or gray travertine with soft patterns and nuances reminiscing water. A table like this would go perfectly together with other materials like natural wood, metal, and leather.

Travertine Kitchen Countertop

Maybe you have seen this in your friends house or in magazines. Travertine can make your kitchen interior gain more color and feel more natural and inviting. This stone tends to make any atmosphere feel more homely and comfortable.

There are different kitchen countertops made of natural travertine in various shades and finishes. The stone is easy to sustain as it doesn't require excessive cleaning. You'd need to remember not to clean it with acidic detergents. The risk of the stone staining is also minimal, as long as you don’t leave staining agents on it for hours. In fact, the liquid absorption of travertine (from Saturnia) is only around 1% and with the right sealant you can rest assured that you won’t have problems.

Stone Garden Furniture

Stone garden furniture is the ultimate classic. Whether you have room for a gazebo or just a bench and a table, stone furniture pieces in your garden will make it feel cozy and complete the entire outdoor atmosphere.

If you already have a travertine water feature or you have utilized the stone for your pool deck, you can rest assured that you won’t go overboard if you add garden furniture pieces made of travertine as well. On the contrary, if you already have travertine in your outdoor area, it is only natural to complete the setting with furniture pieces made of the same material. One of the best things about travertine is that it also goes well together with other stones and natural materials like wood and metal.

On top of all of this is it’s durability. We all know outdoor wood furniture degrades and needs to be replaced after a few years under the elements. This is not the case with Travertine.

How Durable Is Travertine Furniture?

Travertine is a soft limestone that is often confused with marble. Marble is also "a soft" stone, so the resemblance is not accidental. Like marble, travertine is pressure-resistant and easily maintained. Actually, the more it wears with the years, the more beautiful it becomes! This ancient stone is relatively soft and not as hard as granite, quartzite or other hard stones. However, it is very durable and stable despite its lightness. This unique quality of the stone makes it even more popular and sought-after.

The so-called Mohs scale of mineral hardness ranges from 1 to 10. If you can easily scrape a rock surface with your fingernail, it is a 1. Diamonds are at the end of it, reaching 10 on the scale - making them extremely durable and scratch-resistant. Travertine is a 4 on the Mohs scale. This makes travertine hard enough to last many lifetimes but also gives it the ‘flexibility’ to be worked and finished in many ways that other stones cannot. For this reason, travertine furniture can take on very innovative shapes and sizes and also have a vast number of surface finishes applied to it. It’s a designers dream stone.

In Summary…

Travertine is one of the most exquisite and luxurious stones suitable for any type of modern, contemporary, classic, or rustic interior and exterior design. You can use the stone not only as flooring, patios, and wall cladding but also for furniture, both - indoors and outdoors.

You can check out different types of coffee tables with travertine tops, which will complement any interior decor. With the travertine’s beautiful, rich patterns that flow like rivers (that’s how travertine is formed) and with its natural porous structure, it will quickly add character to the room and become the center of attention.

There are various shades and colors to choose from - all in the earthy, warm tones of nature. You can also use travertine for your dining table without hesitation about cleaning because the stone is easy to maintain.

Travertine is the perfect choice for outdoor furniture - benches, gazebos, stone tables, and much more. If you already have travertine in your garden, whether it is a patio, pavers, or a water feature, furniture made of the same material will complete the scene.