From brilliant white to bone ivory, this represents the essential and timeless beauty of Italian stone. An elegant and regal material, Bianco Maremma is an ideal solution for those looking for classical beauty.

Bianco Maremma is characterized by nuances ranging from delicate cream tones to the warm touch of beige. When polished or honed, it appears in all its surprising and radiant beauty and under the watchful eye of a professional can harness both the intrinsic harmony in its tones and its grains to create a stunning visual impact.

Bianco Maremma is luminous, charming and soothing. In vein cut, its smooth veining and its subtle hues add light and atmosphere to any environment and any project while in cross cut, it presents a stunning white surface that is comparable to any white marble.

Bianco Maremma is drawn from just below the first covering layer, and extends along the entire quarry. We can quarry large blocks of this material. However, it is in the slabs and in even more in the finished products that Bianco Maremma expresses all of its charming and fascinating beauty.

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