Saturnia Difference

So what is our difference then?

We heard that in this industry, quarry owners are often inflexible. Their habits outdated, outmoded and set in stone (if you’ll forgive the pun). As markets changed, they stayed doing the same thing over and over. We heard horror stories of material being shipped bearing no resemblance to what was ordered. And we heard about how often complaints or requests fell on deaf ears. An attitude of no…no…no.

And so we thought, we can do this differently…


First, we decided to put service at the heart of what we do.

That means talking to you. Listening to you. Working according to your needs. Not being afraid to try something different. We are not simply a business who merely cuts and sells stone. We are building a relationship with our customers and if you order from us, you have made the first step in that relationship. It's then up to us to invest in growing and maintaining that relationship, and this is what we intend to do.

Second, we decided to make our business a full part of our community.

Our local stonemasons taught us about the traditions of stone, about its importance to the fabric of local life, about an ancient and fascinating culture which once existed on this land. About how community and people, and not just profit, are important. We know that our success is shared, and that our community is our foundation and our strength.

And third, we decided to make it easy.

You’re ordering a natural product, and nature is uncertain and unique. But that doesnt mean you need to worry.

We know that the draw of natural stone is its uniqueness and nothing in nature is the same, a fact that gives it an inherent beauty and which makes it an exclusive and luxury item. We understand our stone and so we make sure that to take the stress out of any order of a natural product. We are fully transparent, we streamline the process and we keep you in the loop the whole way, from the order to delivery. That way, you always know what you are going to get from us. Every time.

So that’s why we’re different. We call it the Saturnia Difference.

Come and see.