Travertine and Water

Lorenzo Raco

Travertine and Water

29th Jul 2022

Travertine Pool

Among water features made of real stone, the ones made of travertine are considered the most unique. Every piece is made of limestone - a living rock with breathtaking variations of layered soft color patterns, flowing beautifully together and stumbling over countless natural cavities (holes) that create this distinctive texture on the stone's surface. The unique features of the stone make it one of the most easily recognizable. When combined with water, travertine creates a magical atmosphere, making a light and color spectacle for the eye.

We can easily say that travertine symbolizes creation that returns to the roots of its origin when combined with water. After all, the stone is formed by water which has traveled for decades in the bowels of the earth where it become ladened with minerals and calcium carbonate which on emerging from hot springs deposits these minerals where the water passes creating a sedimentary rock over hundreds of thousands of years, leaving traces of things it carried as if imprinting its memory onto the stone's surface by creating these beautiful natural patterns. That's why it is perfect for water features in your outdoor area. The beautiful pallet of soft colors travertine creates with water is breathtaking and mesmerizing. Light travertine brings out the most beautiful turquoise colour of water like very few stones can.

Travertine is a limestone suitable for all kinds of water features in your garden. Its most popular use is obviously its use for your pool area, but you can also get creative and design something exceptional that will add character to your outdoor landscape. Keep reading this article, and get inspired for your future travertine water feature.

Travertine Spa Waterfall

Travertine Water Features

If you want a mesmerizing feature in your garden or backyard, you'd need to check out travertine water features. This stone is perfect for all kinds of outdoor features, regardless if you are looking for a more minimalist contemporary design or something more rustic. You can rest assured that a water feature made of travertine will create a beautiful, romantic, and tranquil atmosphere like no other. In this article, we will list some of the best water features made of this incredible stone.

Travertine Stone Water Fountains

Water flowing over stones always catches the attention. The radiance, the enviable calmness, and magnificence of the water ripples that flow over the gorgeous travertine color patterns create a paradisiacal sight. Most people would be pleased if they had the opportunity to enjoy such a view daily, even more so if it was located in their own backyard area.

These eye-catching travertine fountains allow water to dance across the uniquely textured surfaces, filling the area with the pleasant sound of flowing water and creating beautiful vision for the eyes.

In fact, possibly the most famous fountain in the world, the Trevi Fountain in rome, is made from travertine and millions of people each year go to marvel at it, not only for the artistic brilliance of Nicola Salvi but also at the beautiful effect of the travertine stone with light and water.

Travertine Water Basins

Outdoor water basins create a lovely rustic atmosphere in the garden. But when made of travertine, they become something else. Travertine basins will instantly become the center of attention in your garden. A travertine basin will become a great outdoor charm, offering a cool and pleasant atmosphere on the hot summer days. It will also be suitable for birds to quench their thirst in the water, and it will attract butterflies and dragonflies, so you can rest assured that you will have albums of photos of it. If the water gets cleaned frequently, it will reveal the beautiful patterns of the travertine stone as you gaze into the water.

Like with your swimming pool, travertine under water brings out the most amazing turquoise colour. Travertine, in its lighter shades, creates that perfect colour of the water which everyone loves and wants.

You can have several water basins made of travertine in your garden that will make the outdoor area feel even more inviting, creating tranquil corners for socializing and relaxation. It would go great with a stone bench and other seating solutions, regardless if you go for a more rustic or modern appeal.

Travertine Waterfall

The natural beauty of travertine makes it the perfect choice for a waterfall feature. The stone is available in various colors and shades, making it ideal for a pool deck area, pavers, and cascading waterfall structure that will immediately become a centerpiece in your garden or backyard. If you want to make your pool area more modern and edgy, you could add a travertine-clad water feature and enjoy the water stream into the pool, showering you with cool water on the hot summer days and nights.

Water wall fountains have become among the most sought-after features in the past several years. Combined with the same natural travertine pavers around the pool area, the water feature will connect through a seamless transition between itself and the ground, thus bringing out the beauty of the combination between the character of the stone and the water in the pool.

Stairway Water Feature

As travertine is suitable for all kinds of water features, it is also good for a water stairway feature. Let your imagination go wild and create a breathtaking masterpiece in your garden - natural, timeless, and beautiful.

Although rare, the stairway water feature is a perfect solution for a backyard or a garden with a natural slope. If created of natural stone, you can have this feature on the side and include actual stairs you could walk on with a semi-water stairway on the side, leading to your house or other parts of the garden. The water cascade next to you as you go up and down the stairs would add this tranquil feel only the combination of water and stone can provide.

Stepping Stones

Many people love using travertine for their garden stepping stones but putting them as stepping stones in a pond takes the aesthetic appeal to another level. By choosing the right colour and finish for your pond you can create a wonderful feature with water, stone and water plants which will amaze you. The travertine stepping stones can be finished with a non-slip finish to add peace of mind too.

In Conclusion…

You can’t go wrong with this spectacular stone. Travertine has gorgeous unique patterns that will guide you to the creation of the perfect water feature in your garden. With its porous structure and beautiful warm patterns, the stone creates a relaxing atmosphere like no other. Formed thousands of years ago, travertine has proven its durability as a material and continues to fascinate designers, architects, and people with good taste.