Create Your Private Outdoor Paradise with Travertine for Your Garden

27th May 2022

outdoor paradise with travertine

Travertine pavers are the perfect multifunctional solution for your outdoor space turning any backyard into a gorgeous garden. This sophisticated porous stone blends harmoniously with any outdoor space. You are probably wondering: “Is it a good idea to use travertine outdoors?” It can be utilized for your outdoor patio, retaining walls, stepping stones, even benches, water pieces, and gazebos, you name it.

Travertine’s non-slip surface gives you a better grip while walking, even when it is wet, even if you are barefoot, and that’s why many people decide to utilize it also for their outdoor pool area.

This natural stone is not only gorgeous but extremely durable, which makes it a timeless solution for your outdoor area. Keep reading this article to find out more interesting facts about travertine and how you can utilize it in your outdoor space. Create your own private paradise.

What Is Travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone that comes in beautiful variations. It features classic, neutral colors and unique natural patterns that add sophistication and elegance to any interior or exterior. Travertine is a form of limestone layered in mineral springs, especially in hot springs. Because it is formed naturally over millions of years, this stone is highly sought after, representing timelessness and antiquity on one hand, and a modern, edgy feel on the other as modern architecture increasingly shows.

Travertine has a sedimentary (porous) structure and comes primarily in creamy white, yellow-brown, and a rare grey color. Its creamy-rusty shades are the preferred choice for patios and other outdoor areas. In our practice, travertine is the most sought-after natural material in modern architecture for paving patios and garden paths and for facades, wall coverings, and flooring.

Travertine in History

The stone's distinguishable characteristic is its famous porous texture and wonderful veining, which is a result of its sedimentary nature which show a snapshot of a world long gone. This gorgeous stone is formed naturally by accumulating the chemical and mineral compounds and exposure to pressure for hundreds of thousands of years.

The tradition of utilizing travertine in architectural design dates back to the ancient Romans, who built the famous Colosseum almost entirely of travertine. The magnificent structure remains to this day, showing how durable travertine is. It is also one of the most visited landmarks in the world. It is the perfect representation of the stone's splendor.

Artists in the past also utilized this stone in their artwork. The famous sculptor Michelangelo also chose it as the main material in the dome of the Basilica of St. Peter construction.

Modern Days

It is not surprising that travertine is and continues to be one of the most widely used natural stones in exterior design. Travertine is a gorgeous, aristocratic finish for facades of houses, exterior flooring, and more.

This beautiful stone is not only an eternal classic. Today, it is used in modern and contemporary architectural design. Thus, it continues to inspire many architects and designers worldwide. One of the main reasons for this is that travertine, especially in its outdoor application only improves with time.

Travertine for Your Garden

Because of their durability, travertine pavers are the perfect solution for your garden. The stone will only look better with time. It is fairly easy to maintain and can withstand harsh weather. The Colosseum is the perfect example of that. Now let's look at its wide range of applications for outdoor areas.

Outdoor Patio

Are you wondering what kind of an outdoor patio would fit your exterior design regardless if it is contemporary, innovative, or classic? Is there such material that would combine them all? It exists. It’s called travertine.

Do you want to create a natural Mediterranean feel in your backyard and turn your outdoor space into a timeless, luxurious, European-style garden? It doesn’t matter if you host exquisite garden parties or barbeques, birthdays for kids, or weddings - an outdoor patio made of travertine will be a perfect choice, fitting every exterior design.

Stepping Stones

Are you looking for a beautiful material to create a magical garden path at home? If so, then look no further. Get travertine pavers and install them on the ground to create a beautiful pathway between the grass and the flowers. It will give this natural garden appeal you have been looking for.

Travertine pavers are famous for their versatility and durability. They are also the perfect investment for a timeless, stylish appeal that will only get better with time, just like wine.

Retaining Walls and Fire Pits

Do you want to wow your friends and neighbors with gorgeous retaining walls in your garden or a beautiful fire pit to gather around in the summer for parties and family receptions? You can make your retaining walls out of travertine pavers. They are suitable for use in outdoor areas.

If you are wondering whether your travertine retaining wall will be durable enough for a fire pit, you can rest assured that this stone can withstand harsh weather conditions and the fire just as easily. It will remain beautiful for decades to come, especially if properly installed.


Convenience, strength, beauty, durability, and creative freedom of design

These are the main advantages of the travertine garden bench. With the unique porous characteristic of this natural stone. The bench will stand out in any public or private garden. Its clean-cut will contrast beautifully with other special features in the surrounding layout and the lush vegetation. The minimalist design is perfect for gardens and courtyards with a more minimalist feel.

To preserve the unique aesthetics of the travertine bench for a long time, we recommend using professional detergents for sealing and subsequent maintenance.


Since ancient times, water features have attracted people. That's why, often, fountains become places for gathering. Traditionally, the fountain is installed in gardens and parks, and it should be made of natural stone. Travertine fountains aren't only decorative. Natural stone water features don't only fit harmoniously in every landscape but give a feeling of coolness and humidify the air in the garden. Historically, the structures of the prototypes of modern stone fountains were a favorite place for meditation.

Travertine fountains make the atmosphere special. With their strength and endurance, combined with true beauty, a travertine fountain can become the centerpiece of your garden. The natural travertine stone is regarded as one of the best materials for fountains. After all, it was water that formed travertine and water brings out the true essence of the stone. The colours of the stone with water are just spectacular, the reason why so many people want to use it in their pools too.


Do you have space for a gazebo in your outdoor area? Do you want to make your garden look as if it has come to life from a fairy tale? If so, this gazebo made of travertine is the perfect choice for you. Create a timeless, exquisite magical centerpiece in your garden.

Travertine will make your gazebo look timeless and aristocratic - the best, most exquisite outdoor piece for weddings and other special occasions. It will take everyone’s breath away.

Create Your Own Private Paradise

To wrap it up, if there’s a one-size-fits-all type of material, travertine is that material. It is like an evergreen art classic. It is timeless, and it’s wide range of implementations since ancient times prove that.

From garden paths to retaining walls or the area around the pool, travertine, like many other natural stones, retains its beauty during long summers and cold winters and ages beautifully over time.

So, can paradise exist on Earth? It can actually exist, in your own backyard. All you need is to utilize travertine and create the tranquil garden of your dreams. Are you ready for it?