Montemerano Classico

Montemerano Classico... this is truly travertine. Classic and traditional, in a form unchanged since antiquity, its warmth and natural depth has made it an essential part of architecture for thousands of years. Even now, it still remains as versatile and ageless material.

Montemerano Classico is darker than the Roman travertine with a slightly wavy and sometimes interrupted grain. When cross cut, its surface is embroidered with earthy and deep textures and it is perfect for creating environments of warm and bucolic harmony. In vein cut, it exhibits the distinct lines and bands that enhance the traditional beauty of its natural effect.

Its geological position in the mountain is just under the Bianco Maremma at a depth of about 16 to 20 meters from ground level. From a technical point of view, this imparts Montemerano Classico with a great strength and resistance.

Depending on the requirements of each customer, we can quarry large blocks (300x150x 180) or smaller blocks, slabs, wall and floor tiles and other finished products.