Using Travertine for Your Pool

10th Jun 2022

When summer is in full swing, we all want to sit on the pool deck with a bathing suit on - have а cocktail in one hand and our feet dipped in the water. It is tranquility in its purest form.

Who wouldn't want to enjoy a nice pool party on the weekend or have a lovely gathering for a coffee in the morning around the pool? We can all agree that there is nothing better than sitting around the pool in the summer. So choosing the best decking and coping material for your pool is likely to be the most crucial aspect of your pool design project. 

Here, in this article, we will explain all the aspects of choosing travertine for your pool area, and we will sum up all the benefits of this gorgeous natural stone.

Authenticity, Aesthetics, and Luxury

When deciding what kind of a surface you would like to have for your pool, the main feature in your backyard, you need to consider many factors. So putting aside finding high-end garden furniture, the pool flooring will be the first thing you need to consider before choosing all the rest of your garden renovations. 

And what could be more beautiful than a swimming pool clad in an authentic and  elegant natural stone which is renowned for its harmony with water? Travertine gives that authentic feel of luxury that no other stone can compare to. Its natural aesthetics are undeniable and creates the most beautiful colours with water. This sedimentary stone, formed by water, not only catches the eye but provides a soothing atmosphere and blends perfectly with any other flooring. As travertine is a natural stone which is often used indoors and outdoors, it can create a fluid transition between the indoor and outdoor pool area. 

Choosing the pool flooring is one thing, but the decking can be different. From intricate mosaic and earthy stone to glass tiles - there are many options to choose from, for the pool flooring. Many people choose to use travertine both inside and around the pool but a benefit of travertine and its timeless appeal is that it works well with other materials if you choose to mix up the aesthetics.  

Besides the aesthetic advantages of this gorgeous sedimentary stone, other things will make you fall in love with this type of finish for your pool deck. Keep reading. 

Travertine Swimming Pool Flooring For a Magical  Atmosphere

Travertine can easily turn your swimming pool area into a magical oasis. The natural appeal of this stone creates a breathtaking atmosphere that makes it ideal for a tranquil rest. 

Luxurious and resistant to extreme weather conditions, this natural stone offers a soothing feeling with its wide range of elegant tones and shades. It comes in unique and mesmerising patterns created by nature itself. 

A travertine swimming pool deck would give your outdoor space a unique charm. In addition, travertine pavers are known for their exceptional durability without too many maintenance requirements.

Choosing this stone for your swimming pool area allows you to have a wide range of original shades and textures like few stones can.  

FAQ about Travertine as a Pool Deck Surface 

Are you convinced that travertine is the most suitable material for your pool deck surface? If so, here we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding travertine as a pool deck surface that will further affirm your decision. 

Is the Travertine Pool Deck Surface Slippery? 

Besides its aesthetics, travertine is also an ideal surface for your pool because, with the right finish, it is non-slip. Turning your mini oasis into a safe space, with a non-slip finish on the travertine surface will make it even more barefoot friendly, preventing any accidents which can otherwise happen in wet areas. Check out our post about finishes to learn more but travertine can be worked to provide both a non-slip surface which respects all regulations whilst being comfortable for the bare foot.  

Isn’t travertine porous and therefore not suitable for pools?

Travertine is indeed a porous stone, a characteristic which makes it loved by architects especially for cladding, but very often clients asked for the filled version and in the case of pools, it becomes a necessary element. Filled travertine creates a perfectly sealed and long lasting surface used in countless pools. It becomes particularly easy to clean and does not degrade in water. Check out our post about filled and unfilled travertine to learn more.

Does Travertine Pool Decking Get Too Hot? 

That is a question many pool owners want to know. And the good news about travertine is that it doesn’t get too hot. Even if you live in a warm and dry climate or your pool is located directly under the sunlight. Travertine is a natural insulator and its light colours do not absorb heat. Unlike cement or bricks that get so hot under the sun, travertine will never burn your feet if you walk on it barefoot. On the contrary lying down on the travertine pool coping after a dip is just pure bliss.

Is Travertine Difficult to Maintain?

Travertine is fairly easy to maintain. Like other natural stones, it has natural pores but if ordered in its filled version, maintenance becomes very low. And if you want to preserve it in its pristine state, it is best to apply a sealer when installing the stone.  

Travertine tiles are known to be water and moisture resistant, making them the perfect choice for an outdoor pool deck. Travertine itself is an exceptionally durable natural stone. After all, the Colosseum was made of travertine. The beautiful material has proven itself against the test of time. 

However, if you want to have your outdoor travertine paving look at its best, it is a good idea to seal it every five years. It will keep it protected from different types of damage like the weather or the natural effect of the soil.

Other Benefits of Travertine for Your Pool Area

Unlike wood decking or other pool deck options, travertine won’t attract insects and other pests to your backyard area. It is one of the best parts of this pool deck option. Your pool area will not become home for any pesty invaders, making this option even more attractive. Nor will the material degrade over time, if properly looked after, it will last for generations.

No matter which shade or color of travertine tiles you choose for your pool decking, rest assured that it will look fantastic and naturally blends with the surrounding area. Travertine is a symbol of nature itself. Its multitude of colors and shades make the area around any pool look embraced by a soft natural lining and exceptionally pleasing to the eye. 

To Conclude… 

Finally, we can say that travertine is one of the best choices for pool deck flooring. Its gorgeous aesthetics are only half of its advantages compared to other materials. For instance, it is also barefoot-friendly, doesn't get hot like other materials, is easy to maintain, and is a timeless solution for any outdoor area. Imagine the beautiful beige shades of the travertine tiles reminiscing sand in contrast with the pure turquoise blue water. Simply, perfect.