Small Slabs for Shower and Bathroom

13th Oct 2022

Travertine Pool

Today, people don't see the bathroom as just a necessity. Of course, it must be practical and comfortable but attractive too. The modern bathroom is a symbol of peace and tranquility. It is a safe place that should offer the ultimate comfort. That's why designers constantly search for perfection, and what could be better than the beauty that nature can create? With its breathtaking patterns and veining, travertine is one of the most sought-after materials for small slabs for bathroom decor.

For the exquisite bathroom design incorporating travertine - be certain of one thing: it will radiate the elegance and authenticity of natural stone. If you want to transform your bathroom and give it a unique character, there is no better choice for it than travertine.

Travertine in the Bathroom

With its versatility, simplicity, and gorgeous patterns, travertine is a soft natural stone material that perfectly suits contemporary interiors and classic decoration. The color palette includes beige with golden hues, brown, and gray with beautiful veining and intertwining patterns that play with water. In fact, this stone, which is made by natural spring water, often shows patterns which look like water ripples. Placing this material in you shower and having water run down its surface is a beautiful and relaxing sight to behold.

Travertine tiles are suitable where a rougher and more natural look is desired in the bathroom. It adds a unique character to every interior, but when utilized in the bathroom, it creates a magical atmosphere, reminiscent of natural surroundings. So besides being suitable for a modern, minimalist interior, it is also great for a villa or a country house. In bathrooms travertine is filled more often than not for hygiene reasons but good quality travertine does not absorb water making it perfect to use in wet environments. Saturnia travertine has a water absorption level which is near 1% which attests to its high quality. 

Do you want maximum comfort in the bathroom?

For maximum comfort, homeowners can choose small travertine slabs in pastel beige. This is a high end product but the result is well worth it. The combination between water and travertine creates a unique harmony that can also be complemented by wooden or glass features.

There are various bathroom tile choices, when it comes to lining the shower space in particular. You can choose from various colors and finishes of small slabs for your shower area. Regardless if you decide to go with a more subtle beige cream palette or bold gray and white, you can rest assured that travertine will always give that soothing feel you long for after a long day.

A huge selection of colors, sizes, finishes accompany the small slabs made of travertine. Although they need frequent cleaning, homeowners prefer natural stone because it creates better atmosphere, gives a unique character as no tile is the same, and increases property value. For the latter it is best to choose excellent quality travertine slabs for your bathroom. They will last for decades to come.

Why Has Travertine Become Such a Popular Material for the Bathroom?

Travertine bathroom tiles reveal a simple yet stylish look. They are presented in a light shade of the beige color range, which will bring a visual feeling of spaciousness and light to the wet room. They are recommended for small and gloomy bathrooms that do not have additional space.

There is also a natural harmony of using travertine in wet areas. Travertine comes from water and plays perfectly with it. Be it an outdoor water feature or using it in the shower travertine is the perfect natural stone from an aesthetic and practical point of view to make your project simply stunning. 

The tiles have a matte surface, which makes them the ideal choice for bathroom flooring, as there is a roughness created to reduce the chance of slipping. If you are a lover of stylish and unique design, then travertine bathroom tiles will be a great choice.

Small Slabs for the Shower

The usage of travertine in bathrooms is practically limitless. You can use it for the shower wall cladding, and flooring, as a decoration around the bath tubs or sinks, and even as a countertop. With its alluring subtle, chic look and a huge range of colors, this stone becomes the center of attention in any home. Besides its beauty, the travertine is also quite durable, which makes it suitable for wet places, even in more chilled bathrooms in the winter or heat in the summer.

Beige is a classic color and a preferable choice for many homeowners. There are many excellent examples of the combination of small tiles with mosaics in the shower area for contrast. The combination can be complemented and look great with a glass wall or shower door to make your textured travertine shower slabs look chic and beautiful.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Travertine tiles require cleaning regularly (like all bathrooms), but the good news is that it is easy to clean, and homeowners must remember not to use abrasive cloths or acidic detergents. Ensure the surface is not scratched and chipped, as this would compromise their integrity and excellent properties.

After all, the shower area is abundantly exposed to water, and you can prevent problems by choosing the best travertine slab finishes for the area around the shower itself. The standard choice for bathrooms is filled travertine which creates a uniform surface which does not allow the water into the stone’s natural small cavities. As the filling is colour-matched, people often do not even realise it is filled.

You can keep your beautiful travertine tiles safe from moisture by choosing the right finish and the right sealer. A polished finish can be slippery when wet, so it is best to avoid that finish for the bathroom or shower flooring. Honed travertine is one of the best choices for this area. You will enjoy a beautiful tumbled travertine tile, giving a nice warm rustic look. It is much better for wet places.

In Conclusion… 

Travertine looks stunning. This natural stone, like marble, gives limitless options for home decor. You can install travertine anywhere, and it is around five times less expensive than marble, but it has many other advantages besides saving money. With its subtle colours and patterns, delicate veining, and unique porous structure, travertine radiates homeliness and beauty. It is a great choice for any bathroom and can become a perfect material for a shower. You can rest assured that if you choose the proper colour, finish, and size of your travertine slabs, you can never go wrong with this gorgeous natural material.