Is It a Good Idea to Use Travertine Outdoors?

21st Feb 2022

Use Travertine Outdoors

Are you considering adding a beautiful outdoor feature like a pathway or a patio? If so, you have to carefully assess the material you will be installing since not all indoor materials are appropriate for outdoor usage.

For instance, ceramic tiles, which might be a good fit for your bathroom, are not a safe option (because of their slippery surface) for your poolside area. Wood is also not an excellent option for outdoor usage as the weather causes the wood to rot and warp over time and generally needs a lot of maintenance.

Travertine is a popular option that many homeowners consider to add value to their project, but the question is, is it a good idea to use it for your outdoors?

Keep reading to find out...

Use Travertine Outdoors

First things first - what's travertine?

Travertine is a unique natural limestone formed by mineral springs over hundreds of thousands of years. This exquisite and luxurious stone is available in different colours - ivory, grey, different shades of beige, or intriguing blends of colours which form amazing and mesmeric patterns.

As a building material, travertine is available in the form of indoor tiles, cladding and pavers.

Pavers usually come in square or rectangular formats around 3 or 4 cm thick and travertine’s natural porosity with the right finish make them ideal for outdoor use both aesthetically and for practicality. Most landscapers prefer travertine pavers as they have a more natural look which makes them fit perfectly into outdoor settings and are also solid and long lasting, able to not only withstand the test of time and weather but often improving over time.

This is why travertine remains among the favourite materials for outdoor usage by many designers, landscapers and homeowners.

The pros of using travertine for your outdoors...

1) Travertine is strong and durable

Travertine has been used in construction since ancient times, and many temples, monuments, and buildings have been built from it, proving its durability over time. The Colosseum remains the largest and most famous building in the world to be constructed from travertine.

Unlike other outdoor materials like bricks that can crack over its short lifetime, travertine is a solid and durable material with no man-made match. It's safe to say that when you are purchasing travertine, you are making a lifetime investment.

2) Handles different weather conditions

Regardless of the weather, travertine can withstand extreme heat and cold, making it a perfect choice for outdoor usage in any climate. Saturnia Travertini Italia has put its material through 56 freeze cycles and the stone did not suffer any damage. Furthermore, many people love the look and feel of travertine as it weathers. As the edges soften and the colour becomes slightly lighter, the stone is enriched with character and presence.

3) It's environmentally friendly

Travertine is a natural stone, which means no additional harmful chemical manufacturing process. It is natural calcium carbonate which is simply cut to the right dimensions. It can stay in the ground forever without causing any damage or pollution.

4) Travertine is an ideal choice for your pool

There is nothing worse than burning heat under your bare feet in hot summer. But if you choose to install travertine, this will no longer be a problem as travertine tiles and pavers don't absorb the outside temperature, making it pleasant to step on, even bare feet, on a hot summer day.

Plus, travertine, with the right finish, is a slip-resistant material, making it safe to install around your pool.

5) It's beautiful

Undeniably, travertine is a beautiful, elegant, luxurious, and versatile material, perfect for every design and taste.

6) It's affordable

Travertine is an affordable natural stone that is suitable for most budgets. Unlike other natural stones like marble, which are expensive, with travertine, you will receive the undeniable beauty of the natural stone at an affordable price.

7) Maintains its colour.

Under direct sunlight, many outdoor materials will fade. Whilst travertine does become lighter, this is the colour that many people desire and, especially in outdoor areas it adds charm and elegance; travertine keeps and enhances its beautiful appearance over time.

As you can see, travertine is the perfect material for your outdoor area for so many reasons.

If you decide to stick with travertine for your outdoor project, you should consider sealing it as you should with all porous stone; this way you protect it from stains and it adds that extra level of protection against contamination and superficial deterioration.

The verdict

Travertine is the perfect solution for an outdoor project. Outstanding performance, durability, and luxurious beauty are just some of travertine's qualities. If you want to enjoy all of these qualities, we advise you to always purchase from a reliable partner. You can review our products here and if you have any questions, just contact us here.