Our Etrusco is a rare and beautiful type of grey travertine which exudes character. Its rhythmic veining tells a story, a story like no other. Its patterns are electric and primal, mesmeric and melancholy - a demonstration of the inherent elegance and mystery that only particular types of natural stone can provide.

A novel, original stone amidst a crowded marketplace of monotony, Etrusco lets you stand out as an innovator. It’s rustic and wild styling makes for a wonderful statement piece as there are endless options which allow you to redefine your home or project with this luxurious material. Perfect in a large format, where the true beauty of the stone can be appreciated and admired, Etrusco is for captivating, unique and bespoke projects.

This rare grey travertine, forged over thousands of years by the elements, displays wonderful hues of colour variation, as if nature produced it on purpose to satisfy every whim. In fact, we named the Etrusco variations which we can boast of after the

elements; Etrusco Aria (air) is light and uplifting with predominantly white hues which will sweep you away; Etrusco Fuoco (fire) filters through that warm and embracing shade of yellow to give any environment that spark of magic; Etrusco Acqua (water) is our mesmerizing Etrusco which tends towards blue, is soothing and reminds us of the waters which created it millennia ago; and Etrusco Terra (earth) which mixes the more classical shades of brown with the amazing patterns of grey to create that perfect balance of warmth and elegance.

These variations all share dramatic veining, boldly imprinting the harmonious rhythm of the elements on the sheet music which is our Etrusco. This rhythm catches the attention and draw you into a rolling and hypnotic fantasy when it is presented in vein cut. On the other hand, the cross cut Etrusco presents fluid and delicate patterns that unlock the mystery and elegance of natural stone to create a subtler yet equally unique project. Our Etrusco truly captures nature’s rhythm and beauty, in a stunning and breathtaking material.