Travertine Stone is the Hottest 2021 Interior Design Trend - Here Is Why

15th Jun 2021

Want to arrange your home in a natural, luxurious and unique way using durable and not so expensive material? If so, then travertine stone might be what you are looking for.

Travertine stone is the hottest 2021 interior design trend, and designers are very keen on using it, especially now as they move away from the sharp sizes and discover the softness of travertine that adds calm sensuality to your interior.

Travertine fits perfectly to any style - both cozy and lofty interiors. Check out below how you can implement the hottest 2021 interior design trend - travertine stone into your indoor and outdoor.

What's travertine stone?

Travertine is a natural limestone sedimentary rock. It's a durable material used by the Romans to build most of their famous historical buildings (like the legacy of the Roman empire - The Coliseum of Rome and the ancient city Hierapolis).

Historically, most of the travertine comes from Italy, but other big deposits are also found in Yellowstone in the USA and Pamukkale in Turkey.

Travertine adds a prestigious and classic look to any home, and that's why it's among the most popular choices used in architecture and interior design. Plus, the installation costs are budget-friendly, and the travertine stone can be used in many places in your home, from the wall cladding and flooring to the outdoor patio, driveway, and even in your furniture.

Travertine Stone - the hottest 2021 Interior Design Trend

The two most favorite stones of each interior designer are marble and travertine. Still, as the travertine is lighter and has so many impressive qualities, it remains the number one choice for most interior designers, thus turning travertine stone into the hottest 2021 interior design trend.

Travertine stone is durable

Travertine stone is very durable and resistant to any weather conditions. It doesn't rot, change color or burn over time. That's why it's also a perfect material for any outdoor area such as a patio or swimming pool.

Many historical buildings built with travertine continue to prove the undeniable qualities of the natural stone over time. For instance, Europe's longest castle - the Burghausen Castle, is built mainly from travertine rock, and it's standing still since the Bronze age.

Travertine stone is unique

Thanks to its natural color palette, travertine perfectly matches any design. What's more, the travertine color palette is impressive - depending on where the rock is mined, the travertine color can range from light beige to yellow to red and orange and perfectly match any style.

As travertine is a natural stone, individual products (even the ones coming from the same batch) can slightly vary in shade, making it a unique addition to any home. The final color of the travertine depends on many factors such as the temperature, natural impacts like sand, and the age of the stone.

After all, nature cannot make two absolutely same pieces, right? We know that the draw of natural stone is its uniqueness and nothing in nature is the same, a fact that gives it an inherent beauty and which makes it an exclusive and luxury item.

So, if you choose to add travertine in your home, you can be confident you are adding a unique and luxurious piece of art.

Here you can take a look at some of the different types of travertine stone we offer.

Where to best make use of travertine stone at your home?

You can use travertine anywhere in your home. For instance, you can use this natural stone for your floor, finish the bathrooms, for your stairs, and even plaster the walls.

The natural colors of the travertine tiles add elegance and uniqueness to any home. What's more, travertine is durable, easy to clean and its installation cost is budget-friendly.

Another popular choice among many interior designers is to add travertine tiles on the walls - it adds additional elegance, prestige, and functionality to your home.

Apart from tiles and flooring, travertine stone is also used in the furniture. Undeniably, a beautiful natural stone table positioned at the center of your living room or a travertine console in the hallway will make a great impression on any visitor.

In summary

The impressive color palette and the natural beauty of travertine that match any style are among the reasons interior designers love using travertine stone.

Travertine is a premium natural stone material and adds uniqueness and elegance to any interior. Its qualities (like durability, versatility, etc.) are also impressive, and its first place as the hottest 2021 interior design trend is well deserved.

If you have any questions or wonder how to add the classic beauty of travertine to your home, just send us a message here - we are here for you to make your home unique, just like you.