Terme di Saturnia photo shoot

12th Jan 2019

Saturnia Travertini Italia is a young company but we are proud to be establishing some important local partnerships. One such partner is our neighbor and world famous Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort. Our connection is bound not only by good relationship but also by the thermal waters which created our stone hundreds of thousands of years ago and which still today flows into the hotel’s natural swimming pool. In fact, much of the hotel is covered by our fascinating stone, adding beauty and elegance to a wonderful setting.

To celebrate our relationship and this delightful connection between travertine stone, water and beauty Saturnia Travertini Italia organized a photoshoot at the hotel with the stunning Russian model, Viktoria Faizova, and our very own Anderson Da Silva. For the occasion Saturnia Travertini Italia called upon the renowned Australian photographer Pedro Virgil who was able to capture perfectly the beauty and elegance of the contrasting yet harmonious elements. The hotel hot spring pool with our travertine provided the perfect backdrop for our models.

The hot water that rises to the surface after its deep underground journey has made this 5-star resort internationally renowned. The Travertine from our quarry which surrounds the pool and clads the hotel walls adds that luxurious sense of beauty which makes such a pool stand out and be marveled at. Throw in some beautiful models and you get these captivating shots!