Is Travertine Appropriate for Your Bathroom?

26th Jan 2022

There is nothing quite like taking a long hot shower at the end of the day, especially if you have a bathroom that evokes luxury, relaxation, and that spa sensation. And even if your bathroom needs a light (or significant) renovation, the bath of your dreams can easily be achieved with one of the most beautiful natural stones available today - travertine.

Still, as travertine is a porous material, there is a broad perception that this natural stone is inappropriate for wet surfaces, like your bathroom. Let's take a look if there is some truth as to whether travertine is a good fit for your bathroom...

the Perfect Fit for Your Project

Travertine is a GREAT choice for your's why...

Travertine is among the favorite natural stones of many interior designers and architects and some people like Brad Pitt have made their whole bathroom using travertine, including a beautiful travertine bathtub. And that's why many people opt-in for interior decoration that includes travertine, also in the bathroom.

The travertine bathroom tiles look elegant and are available in different cuts and colours to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. Regardless of the design, you are going after; travertine would definitely fit (and exceed) your vision.

So why can you use it in wet areas if it is porous? Remember, travertine can be used in many different ways and can be processed for whatever purpose. Not only can you choose between the aesthetics of vein cut and cross cut travertine, but you can also choose to fill it with a perfect colour matched filling which makes the surface smooth and easy to clean. And if you are using travertine on the walls you can still have it unfilled without problems in the bathroom. Filled travertine is recommended especially for floors and cabinet basins.

Where can you install travertine, and how to maintain it?

You can add travertine for flooring, on the walls, or as an accent - the options are endless. What is very popular is to use large pieces of travertine on the shower walls which give the shower an absolute sense of beauty and luxury. While it's true that a bathroom where the floor and walls are corresponding is always exquisite, you are not obliged in any case to decorate the whole bathroom with travertine. You can create a unique decoration even with small accents - travertine sink, bathtub, etc.

Except for its undeniable beauty, travertine is also a great fit for your bathroom because of its simple maintenance - all you need is some water and your normal cleaning detergents.

However, it's important to remember not to use metal sponges or other products that might scratch the travertine. 

Essential factors to consider when installing travertine in your bathroom.

Many people consider travertine inappropriate for wet surfaces because it's a porous material. On the contrary - travertine can be used for damp places, but all depends on the finish, seal, and the proper installation of the tiles.

We would recommend a honed or brushed finish for your bathroom. A honed finish produces a smooth but not yet glossy finish that enhances the natural warmth and vivid colours naturally present in the travertine whilst making it more slip resistant than a polished finish. 

On the other hand, a brushed finish gives the stone a slightly antique, weather-worn look and feel, reminiscent of the classical palaces and country houses of European nobility whilst providing an even better slip resistance. .

To use the travertine in the shower and other high moisture areas, it's also important to seal it. This will prevent the material from absorbing water and will make maintenance easier.

We would also suggest taking the time to find a reputable installer, as the key to a fantastic bathroom always lies in the proper installation of the travertine.

The bottom line

As you can see, you can easily use travertine in your bathroom. However, you should be very mindful weather to use filled or unfilled stone as well as the finish and the sealer you will be using to install it. And if you have any questions, send us a message here.