Concert in the quarry

10th Dec 2018

Saturnia Travertini Italia was delighted to hold the first ever “Concert in the Cava” event as a part of the Morellino Classica 2018 Festival, a celebration of local wine, international music and our spectacular quarry.

The event was a wonderful mid-summer evening of music, dance, and local wine and food. The fully sold out event was attended by guests from Italy, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and Australia who joined the local community for this unforgettable event.

This was the first time the quarry opened its doors to the public and the red carpet was rolled out for the event… literally! 600m of red carpet allowed guests to meander through this working quarry’s fascinating infrastructure and down into the pit with the white stone walls of the quarry provided a stunning natural amphitheatre. The crowd was treated to an aperitif with great local wine and food and as the sun was setting, they were awed by the stunning Puerto Rican dancer, Claudia Ortiz Arraiza, who choreographed a dance specifically for the event set to Saturnia Travertini Italia’s new sound logo.

Then, as night fell, the Milano Classica Symphonic Orchestra, directed by Franz Schottky and featuring the violinist, Cherry Choi Tung Yeung, filled the air to the music of Rossini, Bruch and Beethoven. The lit-up travertine walls provided a striking backdrop for the orchestra as they played under the stars and the perfect evening was capped off with a full moon rising from the east.

The feedback from the event was overwhelming, adding to Saturnia Travertini Italia’s pleasure at having orchestrated this wonderful synergy between the beauty and elegance of our quarry and the classical music which reverberated around it.