3 Reasons Why Travertine Is the Supreme Option for Your Pool

7th Sep 2021

Travertine - Supreme Option for Your Pool

When it comes to choosing the material for your pool deck and coping, you have numerous options. And we are here to help you ensure this choice is the perfect fit for your project and that you’ve considered all aspects.

When weighing your options for decking your pool area, the ideal is an authentic, beautiful, and budget-friendly material that is easy to install and maintain, slip-proof, and age-resistant.

If those are some of the qualities you are looking for and you want to add value to your pool, then the supreme material for the area around your pool is travertine. But before going into details about why that is, let's explore what your options are.

travertine pool

Material is everything

Usually, you walk barefoot around the pool. So, the material for your pool area needs to be slip-resistant and not produce any excess heat.

Even when the surface around your pool is wet, you should be safe and feel pleasant while walking. Therefore, safety and comfort should be among your top priorities when choosing your decking material. Sure, there are many factors to consider when selecting the material for your pool. But before discussing them, let's take a look at your material options:

1) Concrete Pavers:

If you consider installing concrete, you should be aware of some of the disadvantages this material offers. Concrete is a cheap (and environmentally bad) alternative that is not pleasing to the eye and adds no value to your pool. You should also be aware that concrete will crack (at some point); this is inevitable.

Unfortunately, you cannot control if the concrete will crack or not, and the other bad news is that if you ever need to repair your concrete, it might be difficult to disguise it. Concrete can also be slippery, which is not ideal, especially if you have kiddos running around.

2) Wood Deck

Another (pricy) option that you have is to install wood around your pool.
Although this option is beautiful, it's not ideal as it requires frequent maintenance and replacement, which is not very convenient (especially if you plan to use it in the long run).

3) Ceramic Glazed Tile and Brick

Ceramic glaze and brick have been popular choices for pool decking around. Those surfaces, however, can become very hot and slippery, so if installed around your pool, you should use them with extra attention. Also, the cost of ceramic glazed tile and break installation can be very high, as the labor is very intensive (bricks are small, and each should be installed individually.).

4) Travertine

Travertine is a natural stone that adds a prestigious look to your pool deck. And it's among the supreme go-to options material for building pool decks. The demand for travertine is constantly increasing and not fading away. Here are some of the reasons behind that.

Why is travertine your supreme option for your pool deck?

1) Travertine is slip-proof.

Safety should be the number one priority when choosing the material for your pool area. And that's why travertine is among the favorite choices - it's naturally slip-resistant, and it provides traction even when it's wet. So, you can walk safely.

And this is especially important if you have kids around that are not very mindful about the dangers that a wet pool can bring. In those cases, travertine is really helpful, as it would keep them safe.

2) Changes in temperature are handled exceptionally well

Surprise, surprise - the area around your pool is sunny. So, when the sun is burning hot under your feet, you would want to feel comfortable.

Suppose you choose concrete as a material for decking your pool. Then, when the sun is intense, your feet would feel like you step into a burning oven. Yikes! Not the best feeling.

On the other hand, travertine is a natural insulator, which means it absorbs the sun from the ground. What's more, the stone itself keeps a moderate temperature that feels great when you are walking barefoot or are simply lying down poolside. Plus, you won't have to worry that you might get injured while walking, so you can truly enjoy your time in the pool. And that’s among the top reasons why travertine is the favorite material for the area around the pool.

3) It's easy to install (and replace)

Installing travertine is a simple process- just lay down a base from cementor preferably sand, or gravel. Once your base is ready, all you have to do is lay the pavers in a pattern you like. Another great advantage travertine has to offer is its easiness to replace. If you end up with cracked travertine or stone by any chance, replacing it is also a smooth and easy process.

4) Travertine increases the ROI of your property.

By installing travertine around your pool deck, you inevitably increase the return of investment of your property. Travertine has a natural veining, so each piece is unique and adds a luxurious and timeless feeling to your pool. Plus, it won't fade away with years to come. Most pavers do lose some color over the years, but travertine is among the materials whose color is permanent and fade resistant. What's more, travertine is not as expensive as the other natural stones like marble, so it can easily fit into any budget.

There is nothing like travertine.

There is no other material that can give you the advantages that travertine does. It provides a stunning outlook to your pool area. Plus, it's highly versatile, functional, and budget-friendly. And the best part is that you have a variety of options so that you can truly build the pool of your dreams. So, what's not to love about travertine?

If you have any questions or need any assistance, we are here for you. You can contact us here.