Bianсо Maremma

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  • 01Rough
  • 02Polished
  • 03Bush Hammered
  • 04Brushed
  • 05Sandblasted
  • 06Honed
  • 07Split Face
  • 08Tumbled
  • 09Scratched

This finish is where no treatment is applied to the stone, leaving the product with a very natural, raw stone feel. The final look will ultimately depend on the characteristics of the stone that you have chosen. This finish is often used for exterior cladding and outdoor uses but can also be applied to interiors if you are looking for a particularly natural effect.

The stones are polished by repeated application of various treatments. This technique produces a high gloss, mirrored surface, reducing porosity, while improving resistance. Polished finish highlights the color and properties of the natural stone and are commonly used in interiors, as well as bench tops, to bring out the majesty and luxury of a natural stone product. However, it is not generally recommended for flooring applications since the finish can reduce a surfaces’ slip resistance. We especially recommend this finish for the Etrusco Grigio, as it highlights and brings alive the natural veining and patterning within the material.

This finish is applied when the stone surface is mechanically treated to develop a non-slip textured look. The surface is generally rough and a little lighter in color and generates uniformly distributed craters of different sizes over the surface of natural stone. This finish is ideal for high traffic external areas. We would recommend this finish with Montemerano Classico to create a truly rustic and natural feel to an outdoor environment.

A brushed finish is achieved when metal brushes are utilized to take away the softest particles of the stone on its upper layers. This finish can also be known as an antique and leather finish as it gives the stone a suede, non-glossy look and feel. This texture is smooth and slip-resistant, and we particularly recommend the brushed finish on the Bianco Maremma or Montemerano Classico to achieve the look of classical Roman travertine.

This is similar to the bush-hammered finish but slightly softer in effect. This finish is achieved by the application of a small pointed tool which creates a sand blasted effect. This finish creates a highly textured, non-slip surface that highlights the color of the stone. It is ideal with Bianco Maremma to create a very light, classical look in an external environment.

A honed finish is obtained by a process of grinding and sanding the product with a range of brushes to produce a smooth, but not yet glossy finish. This results in a slightly undulating surface, very soft, warm and smooth to the touch. We highly recommend the Montemerano Classico and Grigio Etrusco in this finish, as it enhances the natural warmth and vivid colours naturally present in the material.

A Split faced finish is achieved by splitting stone by machine so that the surface exhibits a natural quarry texture. It has a flat back and uneven front surface and creates the uneven look of protruding stone and is mainly used for exterior cladding. Travertine is a perfect stone on which to apply this finish and can produce some amazing and unique set pieces. We would direct you to look at the travertine used in the Getty Centre in Los Angeles for an inspiration as to the effect the proper use of this finish can create.

This finish gives the stone an antique, weather-worn look and feel, reminiscent of the classical palaces and country houses of European nobility. It is usually used with unfilled travertine giving the edge and the stone’s natural holes a smooth, more rounded feel with no shine. This finish is achieved by tightly packing the product into a rubber coated barrel with abrasive grit and putting it through a tumbling process. This rustic finish which gives the stone a lot of character is usually used for internal cladding and outdoor installations like French Pattern paving.

A scratched finish is achieved by applying a spiked, spinning mechanical disc to the product in order to give it a superficial, linear scratch pattern. As well as the aesthetical purpose of this finish, the scratch lines create a non-slip surface without making the product too rough. This finish is ideal for outdoor and poolside paving. This subtle finish is best matched to our Bianco Maremma and Grigio Etrusco.

Unfilled travertine leaves the stone’s natural cavities open. The porous surface is therefore natural and expresses the full character of the material.

Cement filled travertine fills the cavities present on the stone’s surface with a special resistant and coloured cement which blends in with the stone’s natural appearance. It is best used with Bianco Maremma and Montemerano Classico.

Resin filling is applied to the stone’s surface in a liquid form, seeping into the stone’s cavities sealing the surface whilst giving the appearance of unfilled travertine as it is a clear substance. It is particularly beautiful used with Grigio Etrusco.

Flat Edge
Flat edge products are ones which have a straight cut line along the boarder of the product. For custom made products (like benchtops, stairs and window sills) flat edging automatically includes a slightly beveled edge for aesthetic and safety reasons.

Beveled edging takes away the hard or sharp edges of the product with a 45-degree cut along the edge between the side and top of the product. Apart from flat edging, this is the only available edging for tiles.

Bullnose edging rounds both the top and bottom edge of a side of the product.

Demi Bullnose
Demi bullnose edging rounds the top edge of the product whilst maintaining a 90-degree bottom edge.

There are many alternative edging options for custom-made products. For specific requests we invite you to write to us at and we will be happy to help you with your request.