Letter from CEO

I'm Sammy Waithe

and I would like to welcome you personally to our company…

When we first visited this quarry three years ago, my brother and I, we had no idea of the hold it would take over us. Maybe it was the beautiful environment. The local wine and olives, the tranquil, idyllic landscapes with soft rolling hills and blue skies.

Maybe it was the community. Kind, welcoming and openhearted people who had grown up around the white stone walls of this majestic quarry, carrying on a uniquely Italian tradition of forging and shaping the stone they cut from it.

Maybe it was the stone itself. A classical, elegant material that surprised us with its variety and uniqueness. To us, it was the very essence of an Italian stone. Regardless, this has become our passion. A labour of love. A Project. That Project has become Saturnia. Named originally for its proximity to a place, Saturnia is now for me a Concept.

We see it as blending the modern to the ancient. To bring contemporary techniques and practices to a time-honoured art. To support a community and a way of life. And to share this beautiful material with customers around the world. But don’t just take my word for it. Come see for yourself.


Dr Samuel Waithe