the Premium Travertine

With its rich brown color, whether natural or mirror polished, Noce expresses innate elegance and enhances light tones when used in contrast. 

A classic among classics, Noce is rich in personality due to the warm tones of its brown coloring, which creates uncommon atmospheres with great visual impact. Superior in quality, Noce Travertine is particularly versatile when used to create strong, eye-catching contrasts and is ideal for use on entire surfaces, such as flooring, or as an insert in lighter slabs.

Its compact structure gives it a strong sense of harmonious homogeneity, enhanced by the almost total absence of holes and the intensity of the warm and velvety softness of its deep brown colour.

Noce Travertine expresses its beauty in all types of workmanship. When rough, it displays its natural aspect, while when polished, the material exhibits the tone and uniformity of its natural color, an effect magnificently enhanced by mirror polishing.

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