Montemerano Classic

Authentic Nobility

Thanks to its luminous beauty, polished or rough, Montemerano Classic is the ideal material for solutions between tradition and innovation, requiring refined elegance and at the same time high quality performance.

Montemerano Classic is darker than the Roman travertine with a slightly wavy and sometimes interrupted grain. Its surface is embroidered with precious and delicate textures, and it is perfect for creating environments of bright and refined harmony.

Typically it is compact whilst exhibiting distinct spotted bands that enhance the beauty and depth of its natural effect. From a technical point of view, this imparts Montemerano Classic with a great hardness and high resistance.

Its geological position in the mountain is just below Maremma White at a depth of about 16 to 20 meters from ground level. At this level, the layer of Montemerano Classic extends for the whole quarry and has a height of 10/12 meters and is present in a sizable amount.

Depending on the requirements of each customer, we can quarry large blocks (300x150x 180) or smaller blocks, shapeless blocks, slabs, wall and floor tiles and other finished products.

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