Fire and Personality

This material is original and exclusive from Maremma. It is both unconventional and elegant, with its own vitality that confers a strong and unique character to every creation.

Etruscan Travertine is a perfect solution for those looking for a truly unique material, classic, elegant, austere, and capable of interpreting the language of the most modern design. It is an original and exclusive Travertine from Maremma. Etruscan is really the ideal partner for those who are looking for a solution that can go beyond any standard and convention.

Beautiful, aggressive and full of personality - when polished, it brightens up to a glittering mirror polish. Etruscan is present with a sizable and widespread vein. It has a very compact texture, almost without holes and can be quarried in blocks of varying size, depending on the specific requirements. It can be easily cut into slabs, which in the cross-cut can reach considerable sizes, ideal for special construction or design requirements.

Its eclectic natural features and excellent response to different finishing, make Etruscan a perfect material for bespoke design projects that demand a touch of originality, sophistication, and personality.

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