Do you sell to private customers?
Certainly! Our Quarry has been serving the local community of Montemerano, Tuscany for generations. Private customers can secure wholesale prices by buying directly from us. Simply send us an inquiry by phone or email.
Is the material all the same color?

No. Travertine, being a natural stone, often contains tonal variations and/or veins that are results of the unique geological processes involved in its creation.

Isn’t Travertine only a white stone?

While Travertine is often known for its brilliant white, our Quarry at Saturnia quarry produces a range of colors. In addition to white/beige we have spectacular shades of gray and various shades of deep, burnished browns - along with a wide range of combinations of different colors. For examples of our colors or for the delivery of samples, please contact our office by phone or email.

How much travertine does Saturnia have?

By our most conservative estimate, we will still be working over 100 years from now! Rest assured we have more than enough to meet any demand. You can request information and prices by writing an e-mail to the following address - and our friendly staff will be happy to respond to any inquiries.

Do you have material ready in stock?

We have an extensive inventory of stock on the premises. Contact our office at +39 (0) 5641836712 or by email and we can tell you what we have, or if you are in the area simply drop by and you can see for yourself – our doors are always open!

How long does it take to deliver?

This is a question that always varies, depending on the availability of the stone and the current extraction process. Our office constantly liaises with our production staff to ensure that we keep accurate information on hand, so call our friendly staff at +39 (0) 5641836712 or email us on for all delivery information and times.

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Saturnia Travertini Italia srl
Loc. Pianetti di Montemerano
58014 Manciano (GR)
tel: + 39 0564 1836712

Saturnia Travertini Italia srl
Loc. Pianetti di Montemerano
58014 Manciano (GR)
tel: + 39 0564 1836712

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